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Jim Nugent

Jim NugentJim Nugent is a writer and designer living in Matteson, Illinois. He grew up in Mt. Clemens, Michigan where he attended Zion (German) Evangelical Church with his family. "It was a liberal congregation that followed Zwingli," Jim says, "but, I was always an agnostic or atheist . . . still am!"

In 1962, Jim registered as a concientious objector. The following year he traveled to Southern Illinois University to study design with R. Buckminster Fuller. As a student he was active in the Student Peace Union and the Student Non-violent Freedom Committee. Good food and talk attracted Jim to the Sunday evening student group at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship.

Jim worked as a communication/media specialist with behavioral psychologists, criminologists, mathematicians, and in Fuller's research office before joining the University of Illinois field staff in 1974 as a communication generalist.

Jim, his wife Becky, and their three children have been members of the Universalist Unitarian Church in Peoria and the Abraham Lincoln UU Congregation in Springfield. More recently they have attended the UU Comunity Church in Park Forest, Beverly Unitarian Church, and Unity Temple UU Congregation in Oak Park.

Current interests include writing, design, mathematics visualization, history, and bicycling.

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