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Civil rights activists
 John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) was a staunch opponent of slavery. He defended the rights of the Amistad slave ship prisoners Bronson Alcott was a founding member, with William Lloyd Garrison and Samuel J. May, of the first Boston anti-slavery organization John Mather Austin (1805-1880) supported William Henry Seward during the volatile Freeman Trial. They also collaborated in prison reform and anti-slavery organizations, the aftermath of the "Jerry Rescue" civil disobedience event in nearby Syracuse, and possibly even in Underground Railroad efforts. Adin Ballou (1803-1890)     Antoinette Brown Blackwell     John Boyden     George Bradburn     William Ellery Channing     Maria Weston Chapman & sisters     Lydia Child     James Freeman Clarke     Moncure Conway     Caroline Dall     A. Powell Davies     Emily Taft Douglas     Paul Douglas     Sarah Otis Ernst     Stephen Hole Fritchman     Arthur Buckminster Fuller     Frances Dana Barker Gage     Dana McLean Greeley     Horace Greeley     David Eaton     Frances Harper
    Richard Hildreth     Julia Ward Howe     Homer Alexander Jack     Alfred McClung Lee     Viola Liuzzo     Horace Mann     Harriet Martineau     Samuel J. May     Ephraim Nute     Mary White Ovington     Theodore Parker     James Joseph Reeb     William Roscoe     Benjamin Rush     John Turner Sargent     Edmund Hamilton Sears     Edwin Wheelock