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Many dictionary entries have not yet been assigned to a researcher. If you are interested in one of our empty entries and would like to volunteer to research and write a biography, please let us know. If it is not listed in the Assigned but not completed list (below) it might be available. Click on the underlined link below or send an e-mail to editor@uudb.org contact us The Unitarian Universalist Dictionary of Biography is a volunteer-run organization. We appreciate the interest and assistance of volunteer researchers and writers.

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List of assigned biographies:

BIOGRAPHY Joseph Stevens Buckminster Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz Joseph Allen Joseph Henry Allen William Francis Allen Edward Augustus Holyoke Allen Charles Gordon Ames Emily Greene Balch Elizabeth Blackwell Simon Budny William Henry Channing Brock Chisolm Sarah Conger Anna Thwing Draper Ferenc David Cornelius Greenway William Henry Furness Phebe Hanaford Robert Travers Herford Shinichiro Imaoka Amy Lowell Herman Melville Henry Montgomery Marianne Moore Joseph Priestley Toribio Quimada George Rogers John Sigismund II Zalmon Simmons   Augusta Tabor John Taylor Peter Raible Kurt Vonnegut William Carlos Williams Ed Wilson Whitney Young Susan B Anthony Margot Adler Sophia Fahs Harriot Hunt Annie Margaret Barr
BIOGRAPHER Scott Prinster W H Bruce Allen Bruce Allen Bruce Allen Bruce Allen Suzanne Marsh Tim Temerson Carol Howard Rudra Vilius Dundzila Barry Andrews John Marsh Grant Hayter-Menzies Suzanne Marsh Don Bailey Karen Dau Robert Ruehl Rosemarie Smurzynski Alan Ruston George Williams Robert Beekman Lynn Hughes Linda Ballard Robert Beekman J. D. Bowers Bob Janis Dillon Kay Gaston Don Bailey Larry Bohning Larry Bohning Justin Grant-Duff Avery Guest Wes Hromatko Jim Nugent Edward Sabin Rosemary Bray McNatt Dick Gilbert Laura Nagel Judith Frediani Barbara Coeyman Jim Seavey