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John Cordner

John Cordner
John Cordner (1816-1894) was unquestionably the most influential figure in setting the tone for the emerging Unitarian movement in nineteenth-century Canada. Not only was he skilled at presenting his views effectively, but during his 35-year ministry in Montreal, then the leading city in Canada by a wide margin, he attracted a congregation largely composed of persons prominent in the business and professional life of the city and country. This meant that his indirect impact upon the wider community was as profound as his direct impact. More

By Phillip Hewett

Phillip Hewett
Phillip Hewett is minister emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Born and raised in Dorchester, England, he served in the R.A.F. during World War II. He studied at Exeter College and Manchester College, Oxford University (B.A., 1949, M.A., 1951) and the Harvard Divinity School (S.T.M., 1953). He received the S.T.D. from the Starr King School for Ministry in 1969.   More

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