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About the Project

The Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography is a public web resource that contains hundreds of concise biographies of Unitarian and Universalist leaders and celebrated individuals whose religion was Unitarian, Universalist, or Unitarian Universalist. The theme in many of these biographies is the relationship between personal religious conviction and achievement in the larger world. The dictionary also provides authoritative judgment on the nature and extent of its subjects' Unitarian and Universalist identity and/or affiliation. The articles have been contributed by a number of historians and researchers, many recognized experts on their subjects.

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  • Fund for Unitarian Universalism
  • Unitarian Universalist Historical Society
  • St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education
  • Universalist Church of Rhode Island

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Dates biographies were posted to the Internet

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12/26 new article: Adrian Cedric Boult by Peter Hughes
10/2 new article: Edward Everett Hale by Alan Seaburg
5/2 new article: Lincoln Gribble by Wayne Facer
3/30 new article: Henry David Thoreau by Barry Andrews
2/14 new article: Margaret Brackenbury Crook by Claudia Elferdink
1/28 new article: Harold Hitz Burton by Jim Kelley


12/16 new article: Cyprus Richard Mitchell, by Wayne Facer
11/28 new article: Samuel Gridley Howe, by John N. Marsh
10/23 new article: William Bentley, by Alan Seaburg and Jim Nugent
9/15 new article: John Bird Wilkins, by Jim Nugent
8/25 new article: Arthur W. Foote II, by Avery “Pete” Guest
7/9 new article: Brooke Herford, by Alan Ruston and Alan Seaburg
5/18 new article: Clemens Taesler, by Erik Martínez Resly
4/25 new article: Charles Edwards Park, by Alan Seaburg
1/21 new article:(update) Michael Servetus, by Peter Hughes


11/17 new article: Von Ogden Vogt, by Alan Seaburg
10/22 new article: Henry Noble Couden, by Adam Bohanan
10/5 new article: Laelius Socinus (Lelio Sozzini), by Peter Hughes
9/17 new article: Charles Rhind Joy, by Alan Seaburg
9/02 new article: John Murray, by Peter Hughes
8/18 new article: Brooks Adams, by Wesley V. Hromatko
7/25 new article: Henry Wilder Foote II, by Alan Seaburg
6/20 new article: Stephen Hole Fritchman, by Charles Eddis
5/31 new article: Lon Ray Call, by Avery "Pete" Guest
3/28 new article: Marian Hooper Adams, by Wesley V. Hromatko
3/28 new article: Henry Brooks Adams, by Wesley V. Hromatko
2/15 new article: William Phillip Jenkins, by Charles Eddis
1/29 new article: Seth Curtis Beach, by Alan Ruston and Alan Seaburg
1/12 new article: James Joseph Reeb, by Alan Seaburg


12/20/2011 new article: Stephen Rensselaer Smith, by Avery "Pete" Guest
11/27/2011 new article: Albert Warren Stearns, by Alan Seaburg
11/4/2011 new article: Judith Ripley Goodenough, by Alan Seaburg and Eugene Widrick
10/14/2011 new article: Don Speed Smith Goodloe, by Richard Morris
9/27/2011 new article: Georgene Esther Bowen, by Alan Seaburg
8/25/2011 new article: Florence Kollock Crooker, by Errol Magidson
8/08/2011 new article: Peter Gonesius, by Rudra Vilius Dundzila
6/28/2011 new article: Rufus Austin White, by Errol Magidson
6/7/2011 new article: Elizabeth Briant Lee, by Jim Nugent
6/7/2011 new article: Alfred McClung Lee, by Jim Nugent
5/14/2011 new article: Mikolaj Siennicki, by Kazimierz Bem
4/19/2011 new article: Clarence J. Harris, by Ralph C. Mehler
3/09/2011 new article: The Radziwill Family, by Kazimierz Bem
2/19/2011 new article: Frank Oliver Hall, by Alan Seaburg
2/16/2011 new article: Bruce Wallace Brotherston, by Alan Seaburg
1/25/2011 new article: Homer Alexander Jack, by Alan Seaburg



11/2/2009 new article: Orestes Brownson, by Lynn Gordon Hughes and David Voelker
9/29/2009 new article: John Mather Austin, by Karen Dau
8/29/2009 new article: Ephraim Nute, by Bobbie Groth
7/26/2009 new article: Matthew Caffyn, by Brian Slyfield
5/14/2009 new article: Francis Ellingwood Abbot, by W. Creighton Peden
4/26/2009 new article: John Aikin, by Douglass H. Thomson
3/28/2009 new article: Alice Harrison, by Alan Seaburg
2/22/2009 new article: William Roscoe, by David Steers


11/30/2008 new article: Rudolph Nemser, by Charles A. Howe
10/19/2008 new article: Matteo Gribaldi, by Peter Hughes
9/23/2008 new article: Zoltan Nagy, by Charles A. Howe
8/12/2008 new article: Celio Secondo Curione, by Peter Hughes
6/13/2008 new image: William Vidler, image provided by Liz Lawson
5/31/2008 new article: The Niemirycz Family, by Kazimierz Bem
4/15/2008 new article: Millard Fillmore, by Walter Herz
3/12/2008 new article: Robert Edward Green, by Alan Seaburg and Eugene R. Widrick
3/10/2008 new article: Leonard Mason, by Charles Eddis
3/7/2008 new article: John Godbey, by Charles A. Howe
1/11/2008 new article: William Rice, by Alan Seaburg


12/23/2007 new article: Mary Billings, by Barbara Coeyman
12/13/2007 new article: Richard Lloyd Jones, by Peter Hughes
11/25/2007 new article: Herman Bisbee, by Charles A. Howe
10/16/2007 new article: William Roberts, by Thurairaja Mylvaganam
10/4/2007 new article: Sir John Carter, by Alan Ruston
9/20/2007 new articles: Jenkin Lloyd Jones and Susan Charlotte Barber Lloyd Jones, by Cathy Tauscher and Peter Hughes
8/19/2007 new article: Frances Dana Barker Gage, by Sandra Parker
6/19/2007 new article: Orello Cone, by Charles A. Howe
6/7/2007 new article: Robert Millikan, by Jerry Frazee
6/7/2007 new article: Jean Mayer, by Alan Seaburg
5/6/2007 new article: Frederick Pethick-Lawrence, by Alan Ruston
4/22/2007 new article: Henry Bergh, by Mark Ferguson
4/21/2007 new article: Richard Cabot, by Amy Dahlberg Chu
3/18/2007 new article: Lee Sullivan McCollester, by Alan Seaburg
3/18/2007 new category page: Educators
3/17/2007 new articles: Isaac Morgan Atwood and John Murray Atwood, by Charles A. Howe
2/26/2007 new article: William Howard Taft, by Walter Herz
2/24/2007 new article: Caroline Bartlett Crane, by Renee Zimelis Ruchotzke
2/12/2007 new article: The Ballou Family, by Peter Hughes1/31/2007 new article: Andrew Kuroda, by Alan Seaburg
1/25/2007 new article: Alphonso Taft, by Walter Herz
1/23/2007 update: new family picture added to Thomas Whittemore article.


12/27 update: 1874 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
12/19/2006 new article: Earl Morse Wilbur, by Alan Seaburg
12/12/2006 new article: E. E. Cummings, by Jerry Frazee
12/5/2006 new article: Eliza Tupper Wilkes, by Rebecca Hunt
11/30/2006 new article: Ebenezer Fisher, by Charles A. Howe
11/22/2006 new article: The Sieniuta Family, by Kazimierz Bem
11/15/2006 new article: Franklin Bradley, by Wayne Facer
11/8/2006 new article: Samuel West, by Richard Kellaway
10/31/2006 new article: Ida Maud Cannon, by Amy Dahlberg Chu
10/20/2006 new article: Victor A. Friend, by Alan Seaburg
10/17/2006 new article: Arthur Buckminster Fuller, by Joseph Herring
10/10/2006 new article: Charles Lyttle, by Alan Seaburg
9/7/2006 new article: Edwin Wheelock, by Jerry Frazee
8/20/2006 new article: Charles Dall, by Spencer Lavan and Peter Hughes
8/15/2006 new article: G. Peter Fleck, by Walter Herz
8/6/2006 new article: Frederick May Eliot, by Alan Seaburg
7/24/2006 new article: The Theological School at St. Lawrence University, by Charles A. Howe
7/20/2006 new article: Sarah Otis Ernst, by Walter Herz
7/13/2006 new article: Arthur Peacock, by Alan Seaburg
7/11/2006 new article: James Freeman, by David Miano
7/4/2006 new article: William Farwell, by Peter Hughes
6/24/2006 new article: Albert Dieffenbach, by Alan Seaburg
5/25/2006 update: 1873 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
5/24/2006 new article: Edwin H. Chapin, by June Edwards
4/4/2006 new article: Brook Farm, by Aaron McEmrys
3/9/2006 new article: Austen Chamberlain, by Alan Ruston
3/9/2006 new article: Jerzy Niemirycz, by Kazimierz Bem
3/5/2006 new article: Paul Carnes, by Alan Seaburg
3/4/2006 new article: Horace Greeley, by Charles A. Howe
2/13/2006 update: 1882 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
2/12/2006 new article: Vilhjalmur Stefansson, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
2/9/2006 new article: Neville Chamberlain, by Alan Ruston
2/7/2006 update: 1872 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
1/28/2006 new article: Quillen Hamilton Shinn, by Charles A. Howe
1/27/2006 new article: Henry Nelson Wieman, by Jim Nugent
1/25/2006 new article: Albert Rhys Williams, by Peter Hughes
1/16/2006 new article: Peter H. Clark, by Walter Herz


12/29/2005 update: full birth and death dates (day month and year) for almost all of the entries.
12/15/2005 newly revised article: Walter Channing, by Spencer Lavan and Amalie M. Kass
12/07/2005 new article: Caroline Veatch, by Warren Ross
11/28/2005 new article: Rhys Williams, by Alan Seaburg and Thomas Dahill, Jr.
11/28/2005 new article: Peter Cooper, by Nathan C. Walker
11/27/2005 new article: John H. Dietrich, by Alan Seaburg
11/2/2005 update: 1871 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
11/1/2005 new article: Dolphus Skinner, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
10/24/2005 new article: George Biandrata, by Charles A. Howe and Peter Hughes
10/12/2005 new article: Maria Mitchell, by JoAnn Macdonald
9/22/2005 update: 1870 obituaries added to Universalist Register Obituaries
9/21/2005 new article: The Larger Hope, by Alan Seaburg
8/22/2005 new article: Judith Sargent Murray, by Bonnie Hurd Smith
8/21/2005 new article: Jan Kiszka, by Kazimierz Bem
8/15/2005 new article: Curtis Reese, by Alan Seaburg
8/15/2005 new article: James Shrigley, by Nelson C. Simonson
8/1/2005 update: At Universalist Register Obituaries there are now 110 obituaries, 1862-69, including those for Hosea Ballou 2d, Theodore Clapp, Sylvanus Cobb, Paul Dean, Thomas Starr King, Otis A. Skinner, Charles Spear, Nathaniel Stacy, Sebastian Streeter, and Thomas Whittemore. 7 of these 10 already have entries in the Dictionary as well. There are very few other sources of information on the other hundred.
6/13/2005 new article: The Czaplic Family, by Kazimierz Bem
5/26/2005 new article: George Bradburn, by Peter Hughes
5/25/2005 new article: Charles Francis Adams, Sr., by Wesley Hromatko
5/24/2005 new article: John Cousens, by Alan Seaburg
5/21/2005 new service: Universalist Register Obituaries
4/22/2005 new article: David Starr Jordan, by Gayle A. Williams
4/14/2005 new article: Horatio Alger, by Alan Seaburg
3/7/2005 new article: Fannie Barrier Williams, by June Edwards
3/1/2005 new article: John Holmes, by Alan Seaburg
2/23/2005 new article: Gabriel and Roman Hojski, by Kazimierz Bem
2/22/2005 new article: Jacob Frieze, by Peter Hughes
2/5/2005 new article: Nathaniel Bowditch, by Jim Nugent
1/27/2005 new article: Hendrik Willem van Loon, by Peg Duthie
1/25/2005 new article: John Moses Ratcliff, by Alan Seaburg
1/17/2005 new article: John Gammell, by Wayne Facer
1/12/2005 new article: Field Marshal Neville Chamberlain, by Alan Ruston
1/8/2005 new article: Rammohun Roy, by Marilyn Richards and Peter Hughes


12/21/2004 new article: Roger Etz, by Alan Seaburg
12/04/2004 new article: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by Phillip Hewett
11/30/2004 new article: Leon Milton Birkhead, by Jim Grebe
11/4/2004 new article: Edvard and Nina Grieg, by Peter Hughes
9/18/2004 new article: Bronson and Abigail Alcott, by Charles A. Howe and Peter Hughes
9/18/2004 new article: Emily Stowe, by Irene Baros-Johnson
8/31/2004 revised article: Moncure Conway, by Charles A. Howe
8/18/2004 new article: Thomas Jefferson Sawyer, by Charles A. Howe
8/18/2004 new article: Thomas Handasyd Perkins, by Alan Seaburg
8/4/2004 new article: John Boyden, by Peter Hughes
6/29/2004 new article: Ada Kepley, by Judy Rosella Edwards
6/9/2004 new article: Mrs Humphry Ward, by Timothy Sprigge
6/4/2004 new article: Henry Whitney Bellows, by Mark Evens
5/29/2004 new article: Dana McLean Greeley, by Alan Seaburg
5/12/2004 new article: George Pullman, by Jim Nugent
5/12/2004 new article: Raymond Bragg, by Jim Grebe
4/30/2004 new article: Leslie Pennington, by Alan Seaburg
3/12/2004 new article: Caroline Dall, by Spencer Lavan and Peter Hughes
3/12/2004 new article: Johannes A.C.F. Auer, by Alan Seaburg
2/14/2004 new article: Ezra Stiles Gannett, by Stuart Twite
1/22/2004 new article: William Ellery Channing, by Frank Carpenter
1/19/2004 new article: Joseph Chamberlain, by Alan Ruston
1/11/2004 new article: Charles Vickery, by Alan Seaburg


12/17/2003 new article: Antoinette Brown Blackwell, by JoAnn Macdonald
12/12/2003 new article: Dorothy Spoerl, by Charles A. Howe
11/15/2003 new article: Richard Eddy, by Alan Seaburg in memoriam: dictionary author Maryell Cleary (1922-2003)
11/5/2003 new article: Clara Barton, by Joan Goodwin
11/1/2003 new article: Hajom Kissor Singh, by Spencer Lavan
10/16/2003 new article: Jabez T. Sunderland, by Spencer Lavan
10/5/2003 new article: Hosea Ballou 2d, by Charles A. Howe and Peter Hughes
9/29/2003 new article: John Murray Forbes, by Jim Nugent
9/16/2003 new article: Frances Harper, by Janeen Grohsmeyer
9/9/2003 new article: Sir Robert Stout, by Wayne Facer
9/3/2003 new article: Paul H. Douglas, by John Keohane
8/27/2003 new article: George de Benneville, by John C. Morgan
8/25/2003 new article: Abel C. Thomas, by John C. Morgan
8/11/2003 new article: Eliza Jane Read Sunderland, by Spencer Lavan
7/23/2003 new article: Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, by Alan Ruston
6/24/2003 new article: Margaret Laurence, by John Marsh
6/24/2003 new article: Bernard Whitman, by Peter Hughes
6/16/2003 new article: Viola Liuzzo, by Joanne Giannino
6/16/2003 new article: Richard Pierce, by Alan Seaburg and Thomas H. Dahill, Jr.
5/30/2003 new article: Samuel J. May, by Dennis Landis
5/13/2003 new article: Henry Channing, by Frank Carpenter
5/9/2003 new article: A. Powell Davies, by Manish Mishra
5/9/2003 new article: Thomas E. Wise, by Willard C. Frank, Jr.
5/9/2003 new category (see below): African Americans
5/9/2003 in memoriam: dictionary author Dorothy Senghas (1930-2002)
4/29/2003 new article: Lotta Hitschmanova, by Joyce Thierry
4/14/2003 new article: Moncure Conway, by Charles A. Howe
4/2/2003 new article: Alexander Gordon, by David Steers
3/26/2003 new article: P. T. Barnum, by Alan Seaburg
3/23/2003 new article: E. Burdette Backus, by Edd Doerr
3/20/2003 new article: Alice and Phoebe Cary, by June Edwards
3/17/2003 new article: Joseph Jordan, by Willard C. Frank, Jr.
3/6/2003 new article: John C. Calhoun, by Holley Ulbrich
3/3/2003 new article: Frances Power Cobbe, by Phillip Hewett
2/17/2003 new article: David Pickering, by Peter Hughes
2/17/2003 new category (see below): Antiwar and Peace Activists
2/12/2003 new article: Alfred S. Cole, by Alan Seaburg
2/1/2003 new article: William Balch, by Peter Hughes
1/24/2003 new article: The Humiliati, by Charles A. Howe
1/22/2003 new article: Nathaniel Stacy, by Mark Harris
1/8/2003 new article: William Sullivan Barnes, by Phillip Hewett
1/7/2003 new article: Dorothy Livesay, by Phillip Hewett
1/3/2003 new article: Dorothea Dix, by Wayne Viney


12/24/2002 new article: Elhanan Winchester, by Peter Hughes
12/02/2002 new article: James Martineau, by Frank Schulman
11/25/2002 new article: John Adams, by Wesley Hromatko
11/19/2002 new article: David Eaton, by Charles A. Howe
11/11/2002 new article: John Haynes Holmes, by Paul Sprecher
10/31/2002 revised article: John Turner Sargent, by David Pettee
10/21/2002 new article: Charles Wellbeloved, by Frank Schulman
10/11/2002 new article: Eleanor Elizabeth Gordon, by Peter Hughes
10/6/2002 revised article: Samuel Atkins Eliot II, by Elizabeth Curtiss
9/23/2002 new article: James Freeman Clarke, by Gregory McGonigle
9/17/2002 new article: Mary White Ovington, by Dorothy Senghas and Catherine Senghas
9/14/2002 new article: Elizabeth Gaskell, by Maryell Cleary and Peter Hughes
9/14/2002 new article: William Gaskell, by Peter Hughes
9/13/2002 new article: Sir John Bowring, by Alan Ruston
9/9/2002 new article: Theodore Parker, by Dean Grodzins
8/24/2002 new article: Caroline Soule, by Alan Seaburg
8/24/2002 new article: Harry Toulmin, by Clara Keyes
8/17/2002 new article: Ellsworth C. Reamon, by Charles A. Howe
8/7/2002 new article: Samuel Loveland, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
7/19/2002 new article: Emily Taft Douglas, by John Keohane
7/17/2002 new article: Joseph Tuckerman, by Jedediah Mannis
7/15/2002 new article: Charles Hartshorne, by Donald Wayne Viney
6/30/2002 new article: Paul Dean, by Peter Hughes
6/15/2002 new article: Harriot Stanton Blatch, by Jacqueline Clement
6/13/2002 revised article: Theodore Clapp, by John Buescher
6/12/2002 new article: Augusta Jane Chapin, by Beverly Bumbaugh
5/30/2002 new article: May Sarton, by Lenora P. Blouin
5/30/2002 new article: Horace and Mary Austin Holley, by Kathi Trask
5/28/2002 new article: Julia Ward Howe, by Joan Goodwin
5/28/2002 new article: Florence Buck, by Melissa Ziemer
5/19/2002 new article: William Laurence Sullivan, by Marc Fredette
5/17/2002 new article: Hannah Adams, by Elizabeth Curtiss
4/24/2002 new articles: Edmund Hamilton Sears and Caleb Rich, by Peter Hughes
4/23/2002 new article: Josiah Quincy, by Anthony Mann
4/10/2002 new article: Lucius Paige, by Ernest Cassara
4/9/2002 new article: Benjamin Rush, by Charles A. Howe
4/6/2002 new article: José María Blanco White, by Jaume de Marcos and Peter Hughes
3/29/2002 new article: Linus Pauling, by Jerry Frazee
3/11/2002 new articles: Caroline Howard Gilman and Samuel Gilman, by David Haberly
3/6/2002 new article: Maria Cook, by Peter Hughes
2/19/2002 new article: The Restorationist Controversy, by Peter Hughes
2/2/2002 new article: John Quincy Adams, by Charles A. Howe
2/2/2002 new article: John Relly Beard, by Alan Ruston
2/2/2002 new article: Robert Spears, by Alan Ruston
1/26/2002 new article: William Drennan, by David Steers
1/23/2002 new article: James Kirkpatrick, by David Steers
1/23/2002 new article: William Drummond, by David Steers
1/22/2002 new article: John Abernethy, by David Steers
1/21/2002 new article: John Turner Sargent, by David Pettee
1/18/2002 new article: John Wood, by Charles Howe


12/23/2001 new article: Charles Dickens, by Wes Hromatko
12/14/2001 new article: Maurice B. Visscher, by John Keohane
12/6/2001 new article: Ralph Waldo Emerson, by Frank Schulman
12/1/2001 new article: Louisa May Alcott, by Joan Goodwin
12/1/2001 new article: Spiritualism, by John Buescher
11/28/2001 new article: Carl Seaburg, by Charles A. Howe
11/10/2001 new article: Celia Burleigh, by Dennis Landis
11/3/2001 new article: George Ripley, by David Robinson
10/6/2001 new article: John Sullivan Dwight, by David Robinson
10/1/2001 new article: Robert Aspland, by Alan Ruston
10/1/2001 new article: Robert Brook Aspland, by Alan Ruston
9/16/2001 new article: The Peabody Sisters, by Susan Ritchie
9/16/2001 new article: Rod Serling, by Beringia Zen
9/8/2001 new article: John H. Lathrop, by Olive Hoogenboom
9/8/2001 new article: Charlotte Masaryk, by Olive Hoogenboom
8/30/2001 new article: Augustus Graham, by Olive Hoogenboom
8/30/2001 new article: Alfred T. White, by Olive Hoogenboom
8/30/2001 new article: Sallie Ellis, by Walter Herz and Peter Hughes
8/21/2001 new article: Jesse Babcock Ferguson, by John Buescher
8/19/2001 new article: Nathan Appleton, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
8/19/2001 new article: Thomas Appleton, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
8/10/2001 new article: Margaret Fuller, by Joan Goodwin
8/10/2001 new article: John Cordner, by Phillip Hewett
8/10/2001 new article: Angus Cameron, by Charles Eddis
7/20/2001 new article: Ephraim Peabody, by Frank Carpenter
7/17/2001 new article: Davis Family of Oxford, Massachusetts, by Peter Hughes
7/7/2001 new article: Henry Solly, by Alan Ruston
7/7/2001 new article: Noah Worcester, by Dennis Davidson
6/18/2001 new article: Samuel Atkins Eliot II, by Elizabeth Curtiss
6/18/2001 new article: Robert Burns, by Peter Hughes and Andrew Hill
6/18/2001 new article: William James Potter, by Richard Kellaway
5/28/2001 new article: Olympia Brown, by Laurie Carter Noble
5/28/2001 new article: Albert Ziegler, by Charles A. Howe
5/17/2001 new article: Béla Bartók, by Peter Hughes
5/17/2001 new article: Charles Francis Potter, by Richard Stringer-Hye
4/30/2001 new article: Max Kapp, by Charles A. Howe
4/30/2001 new article: Kenneth Patton, by Maryell Cleary
4/30/2001 new article: Thomas Whittemore, by Ernest Cassara
4/27/2001 new article: Maria Weston Chapman, by Joan Goodwin
4/27/2001 new article: Edward Turner, by Peter Hughes
3/31/2001 new article: Angus MacLean, by Charles A. Howe
2/28/2001 new article: Abigail Adams, by Laurie Carter Noble
2/28/2001 new article: Lydia Maria Child, by Joan Goodwin
2/26/2001 new article: Mary and Daniel Livermore, by Charles A. Howe
2/9/2001 new article: Richard Hildreth, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
1/27/2001 new article: The Russell Family, by Wesley Hromatko
1/22/2001 new article: Abner Kneeland, by Stephan Papa and Peter Hughes
1/11/2001 new article: Adlai Stevenson, by Richard Henry
1/11/2001 new article: Ezra Ripley, by Paula Robbins
1/5/2001 new article: Lydia Ann Jenkins, by Charles A. Howe
1/5/2001 new article: Sarah and Samuel Ripley, by Joan Goodwin


12/24/2000 new article: Adams Streeter, by Peter Hughes
12/12/2000 new article: Adin Ballou, by Peter Hughes
12/6/2000 new article: John Van Schaick, by Charles A. Howe
11/14/2000 new article: Theodore Clapp, by John Buescher
11/14/2000 new article: Thomas Starr King, by Celeste DeRoche and Peter Hughes
11/14/2000 new article: Mary Augusta Safford, by Celeste DeRoche
11/14/2000 new article: Clinton Lee Scott, by Charles A. Howe
11/6/2000 new article: Horace Mann, by Susan Ritchie
10/31/2000 new article: Clarence Russell Skinner, by Charles A. Howe
10/28/2000 new article: James Luther Adams, by Van Eric Fox and Alice Blair Wesley
10/28/2000 new article: George Willis Cooke, by Charles A. Howe
10/13/2000 The Unitarian Controversy and Its Puritan Roots, by Alice Blair Wesley, Peter Hughes and Frank Carpenter
10/10/2000 new article: Harriet Martineau, by Maryell Cleary and Peter Hughes
10/10/2000 new article: Vincent Brown Silliman, by Richard Speck
9/26/2000 new article: Thomas Aikenhead, by Andrew Hill
9/26/2000 new article: William Vidler, by Andrew Hill
9/26/2000 new article: Arthur Foote, by Peter Hughes
9/14/2000 new article: Hosea Ballou, by Ernest Cassara
8/29/2000 new article: Thomas Jefferson, by Thom Belote
8/25/2000 new article: Olive Higgins Prouty, by Lynn Gordon Hughes
8/25/2000 new article: Frances Wayland Wood, by Jeanne Lloyd
8/25/2000 new article: Michael Servetus, by Peter Hughes
8/22/2000 new article: Abigail Adams Eliot, by Paula Robbins
7/29/2000 new article: Samuel Barrett, by Frank Carpenter
7/29/2000 new article: Mary Wollstonecraft, by Louis Worth Jones
7/28/2000 new article: Norbert Capek, by Richard Henry
7/21/2000 new article: Frederic Henry Hedge, by Charles Grady
7/17/2000 new article: William Adam, by Andrew Hill
7/17/2000 new article: James Relly, by Andrew Hill
7/12/2000 dictionary funding allocated: from the St. Lawrence Foundation
7/9/2000 new article: Edith Holden, by Wesley Hromatko

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