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Eliza Anne McIntosh Reid
image source information page

Miss Eliza Anne Reid - 1901

Subject: Eliza Anne Reid
Date: September 26, 1901
Collection: The Morgan and Himsworth portraits of Canadian Women
Archival reference no: R12177-52-6-E
MIKAN no: 3717303
Photographer: Notman Studio (Montreal)
Source: Library and Archives Canada
reference number: R12177-52, e008295885

go to the Library and Archives Canada website
for more information on this photograph of Eliza Reid

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Miss Eliza McIntosh - 1862
Subject: Miss Eliza McIntosh, Montreal, QC, 1862
Date: 1862
Photographer: William Notman
Purchase from: Associated Screen News Ltd.
Number: I-4083.1
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA)
Source: Musee McCord Museum

[NOTE: Census records show two McIntosh daughters with similar names]
** 1861 Census of Canada has:
E. McIntosh, Female, Age 22, Born 1839, Single, Teacher
S. McIntosh, Female, Age 20, Born 1841, Single, Teacher

** George Washington Stephens, Sr. married Elizabeth Mary McIntosh (1840-1876) in 1861
** George Washington Stephens, Sr. married Frances Ramsey McIntosh (1851-1915) in 1878
** Elizabeth and Frances were sisters of Eliza Anne McIntosh (1842-1926)
** Eliza Anne McIntosh (1842-1926) married Robert Reid (1843-1919) in 1867.

** So, the 1862 McCord Museum photography of Miss Eliza McIntosh
** might be either Elizabeth Mary or Eliza Anne

go to the McCord Museum website for
more information about this photograph of Miss Eliza McIntosh

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