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Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz • 1822-1907 • first president of Radcliffe College Bronson Alcott • 1799-1888 • educator, philosopher, utopian, and visionary Isaac Morgan Atwood • 1838-1917 • Universalist minister, journalist, educator, and leader John Murray Atwood • 1869-1951 • Universalist minister, educator, and Canton School dean J.A.C.F. Auer • 1882-1964 • Dutch born Humanist professor at Tufts & Harvard Divinity School Hosea Ballou 2d • 1796-1861 • Universalist minister, scholar, journalist, and a founder of Tufts College Barton Ballou • 1791-1844 • taught at Nichols Academy, a Universalist school, until it burned down Brook Farm • 1841-47 • utopian community founded by Unitarian minister George Ripley and others Bruce Wallace Brotherston • 1877-1947 • Universalist philosophy teacher at St. Lawrence and Tufts Augusta Jane Chapin • 1836-1905 • groundbreaking woman minister and Universalist official Peter H. Clark • 1829-1925 • one of Ohio’s most effective black abolitionist writers and speakers Alfred S. Cole • 1893-1977 • Universalist historian, minister, and teacher of Homiletics at Tufts Orello Cone • 1835-1905 • Universalist professor at St. Lawrence and president at Buchtel College Peter Cooper • 1791-1883 • Unitarian inventor and founder of the Cooper Union in New York John Cousens • 1874-1937 • Universalist businessman, educator, and president of Tufts College Celio Secondo Curione • 1503-1569 • Italian Protestant living in Switzerland during Reformation Charles Dall • 1816-1886 • Unitarian minister to the poor and later missionary to India for 30 years Ebenezer Fisher • 1815-1879 • Universalist minister and president of St. Lawrence Theological School John Gammell • 1836-1913 • educator and the third Unitarian minister to arrive in New Zealand John Godbey • 1927-1999 • Meadville Lombard teacher and Faustus Socinus/Reformation scholar Don Speed Smith Goodloe • 1878-1959 • African-American founder of Bowie State University Alexander Gordon • 1841-1931 • Unitarian minister, Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland Matteo Gribaldi • c.1505-1564 • Italian legal scholar, Arian, and champion of Michael Servetus Frank Oliver Hall • 1860-1941 • Universalist, social gospeler, Tufts teacher, and New York City minister Eustace Haydon • 1880-1975 • leader of Humanist movement and Chicago Divinity School professor Alice Harrison • 1906-1989 • religious educator and organizer of youth programs Abigail Ballou Heywood • 1829-1918 • raised at utopian Hopedale she founded a school Horace Holley • 1781-1827 • Unitarian minister and president of University of Transylvania Harm Jan Huidekoper • 1776-1854 • Founder of the Meadville Theological School L. P. Jacks • 1860-1955 • British Unitarian educator and interpreter of modern philosophy Joseph Jordan • 1842-1901 • early African American Universalist minister in Norfolk, Virginia David Starr Jordan • 1851-1931 • president of Stanford University, peace activist, and scientist Max Kapp • 1904-1979 • Universalist minister, professor, and denominational official Elizabeth Briant Lee • 1908-1999 • sociologist, author, organizer, and advocate for women Alfred McClung Lee • 1906-1992 • sociologist and author of propaganda and race relations studies Samuel Loveland • 1787-1858 • Universalist minister, scholar, educator and pioneer religious journalist Charles Lyttle • 1884-1980 • Unitarian minister and professor of Church History in Chicago Angus MacLean • 1892-1969 • Universalist minister, college dean, and religious education expert Horace Mann • 1796-1859 • educator, advocate of universal public schools, and rights activist James Martineau • 1805-1900 • British Unitarian minister, educator, theologian, and philosopher Jean Mayer • 1920-1993 • French-American scientist, nutritionist, and president of Tufts Lee Sullivan McCollester • 1859-1943 • Universalist minister, professor, and Chaplain at Tufts Elizabeth Peabody • 1804-1894 • Unitarian reformer and educational pioneer Richard Pierce • 1915-1973 • minister, librarian, editor, professor, and Dean of Emerson College John Moses Ratcliff • 1892-1953 • Universalist minister, Tufts dean, and denominational official Curtis Reese • 1887-1961 • Chicago Unitarian, social activist, journalist, and leading Humanist Sarah Bradford Ripley • 1783-1847 • early self-taught scholar, teacher, and thinker T. J. Sawyer • 1894-1899 • Universalist educator and early promoter of Universalist education Clarence Skinner • 1881-1949 • widely known Universalist minister, writer, and social activist Lelio Sozzini (Laelius Socinus) • 1525-1562 • radical Reformation scholar from Italy Dorothy Spoerl • 1906-1999 • parish minister and leading religious educator Theological School at St. Lawrence University • 1856-1965 • Universalist seminary in Canton, NY Albert Warren Stearns • 1885-1959 • Dean of Tufts College Medical School Eliza Sunderland • 1839-1910 • one of the first women to head a public secondary school Charles Wellbeloved • 1769-1858 • British Unitarian educator at Manchester College, York Earl Morse Wilbur • 1866-1956 • Dean & president of Starr King School for the Ministry Frances Wayland Wood • 1903-1975 • Lay professional who developed Unitarian Sunday School materials

Horace Mann

May 4, 1796-August 2, 1859 was an educator and a statesman who greatly advanced the cause of universal, free, non- sectarian public schools. Mann also advocated temperance, abolition, hospitals for the mentally ill, and women's rights. His preferred cause was education, about which he remarked that while "other reforms are remedial; education is preventative." Mann was raised in the congregational church . . . more Augusta Jane Chapin July 16, 1836-June 30, 1905 Universalist minister and educator, was one of the earliest women to be ordained in ministry. She was the first woman to sit on the Council of the General Convention of Universalists.
She was also a groundbreaker for women seeking higher education and . . . more

Don Speed Smith Goodloe

June 2, 1878 – September 2, 1959 founding principal of what is now Bowie State University, was the first African-American graduate of Meadville Theological School, the Unitarian seminary in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Goodloe was born in Lowell, Kentucky . . . more Harm Jan Huidekoper 1776–1854 was a businessman, philanthropist, essayist and lay theologian, a vice president of the American Unitarian Association, and a founder of the Meadville Theological School. His church, the Independent Congregational Church, at Meadville, Pennsylvania, was among the earliest Unitarian churches west of the Appalachian Mountains . . . read more